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Media Blender has been producing magazine apps for the Australian & US market since 2011.
We now offer Native apps (in both iOS & Android) for about the same price as Web and Hybrid apps!

Native app pricing has never been more affordable.
From January 2019, our pricing has been reduced by 80% (Yes, 80 percent) from $1,390 per magazine issue down to just $249.

Low native app prices are just the beginning!

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Pricing plans: 4 Options to choose

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Number of editions

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per edition/issue

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per edition/issue

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per edition/issue

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Bill annually




per edition/issue

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Bill annually


Native App - Features and Functionality

Our full service includes 2 Native apps and 1 Web app per magazine edition

Your Own Standalone Kiosk- Logos, Titles and Editions

Registration, Approval & Delivery into the App Stores

Fast Downloads

Searchable Magazine Titles in the App Stores

Banner Ad free on Native apps


Share on social media

 3 Page Modes: Whole Page, Fit to Width, Double Pages

Table of contents

Add/Remove Bookmark

Pinch and Zoom 

Embedded Advertisements: Slideshow, Video & Web Links

Portrait and Landscape Orientation

Push Notifications

 Fast App Delivery: within 24-48 Hours

Paid Publication Subscription

In-app purchase available for B2C publishers. Please contact



Multimedia – Optional Extras

Video - Overlay item

Additional cost: $15.00 per item

Slideshow - Overlay item

Additional cost: $15.00 per item

Note: Multimedia items such as video and slideshow listed above will incur additional costs. These optional items are generally “not” required for the bulk of B2B “free-to-read” digital magazine titles. If required by publishers, these costs will be added and billed into your invoices for each edition.