Native Apps, Web Apps or Hybrid Apps? What’s the difference?

a. Native app: is built on iOS and Android, the two biggest mobile operating systems. Media Blender supplies 2 separate Native Apps: 1 iOS app + 1 Android app + 1 Web app: Total 3 apps per magazine edition. Users need to install Native app on their devices. It offers the fastest, most reliable and most responsive experience to users. Publishers need an app store presence to increase their readership.
Native apps have the best overall performance and user experience compared to Web and Hybrid apps.

b. Web app: is an application that is accessed via a web browser as a web page. Users do not need to install it on their devices.

c. Hybrid app: Users install it like a Native App, but it operates as a Web app on the inside. Hybrid apps will never reach Native app performance.

What is the difference between Media Blender’s full service paid plan and our competitors’ Self-Publishing service paid plan?

Media Blender is a full-service provider offering app production, hosting, registration, submission, approval and delivery into the Apple App Store and Google Play. Publishers get 2 Native apps (iOS and Android) plus 1 Web app: Total 3 apps per magazine edition.

An example from a Self-Publishing service paid plan:

  • Option 1: A Free Plan – A basic plan that does not meet the needs of most publishers.
  • Option 2: Several premium paid plans – These are the Self-Publishing platforms with tools and support from a technical team. Publishers get 1 Hybrid app per magazine edition.

The premium paid plans are about the same price as Media Bender’s full service paid plan.

Do I have to pay any ongoing fees to the App Stores?

If your magazine is a free-to-read publication title (Trade, corporate, association, community magazine titles), there is no ongoing fee to distribute your Native apps into the Apple App Store and the Google Play.

If your publication is a paid subscription title, you have the option to charge your readers via In-App purchase with the Apple App Store and the Google Play.

How are my readers getting access to my Native apps (iOS and Android) and my Web apps?

Media Blender supplies 3 apps per magazine edition: 1 Native iOS, 1 Native Android and 1 Web app. The 2 Native Apps are accessible through the Apple App Store and the Google Play.

For Native Apps, readers would have to download the app first (the magazine title) and then the content of each edition on their mobile devices.

For Web apps, Media Blender has 2 options for your readers:

  1. All Web apps are displayed in the “Readers Hub” page on the Media Blender website.

You may copy the URL to Web app and add it to your website for your readers to access them via web browser.

What are the terms of Media Blender’s 3-month free trial offer?

A 3-month Free Offer entitles a registered company with one or multiple users to sign up and to have up to 3 free editions for the “first magazine title” only. If you have multiple titles, you qualify for one free title only.

Publishers will be asked to supply 3 print ready editions (PDF, brand name, logo and graphics) and we will transform them into Native apps and Web apps.

At the conclusion of the Free Trial Offer and you are satisfied with the service, you may choose one of our paid plans or pay as you go plan.

Are there differences between B2B ‘Free-to-Read’ magazines and B2C magazines in the publishing market?

B2C magazine titles: (Business-to-Consumer) are paid subscription publications.

B2B magazine titles: (Business-to-Business) are general, corporate, trade and community ‘Free-to-Read’ publications i.e. publications for schools, non-profit organizations and associations.

Media Blender focusses primarily at the B2B magazine market segment which constitutes over 90% of all magazine titles.

As a small and medium sized magazine publisher, am I subject to a 30% commission surcharge by Apple and Google?


There is no commission surcharge to distribute ‘Free-to- Read’ magazine editions into the Apple App Store and the Google Play. Apple charges a 30% commission and this applies only to paid subscription magazines i.e. In-App Purchases.  This also applies to Google but the commission is at 40%.

About 85% of Apps from the Apple App Store are ‘Free’ with 98% of Google Play.  Source – Statista.com June 2016

What if my paid subscription plan expires, what happens to my publications?

Once your paid subscription plan expires, you may renew it via the dashboard.

If you do not wish to renew it, then Media Blender will no longer upgrade your apps. Your users will still have access to your existing Native apps and Web apps.

If you are a free plan user and not a paid client, we reserve the rights to remove your apps after the free trial period of 3 – 4 months.