What is the difference between Apple & Android premium apps versus Hybrid-Flipbook apps for B2B publishers?

How do B2B publishers retain their audience throughout Covid-19?



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How do B2B publishers retain their audience throughout Covid-19?

With Covid-19 in 2020, the publishing industry is operating on an unprecedented future. Many publishers have scaled down their printing operations to cut costs, while others have suspended their printing services.

It turns out that online platforms happen to be the closest connections between publishers and their customers.


Five tips for B2B publishers to solve the social distancing dilemma:

  1. Continue to publish digital magazines as online readership is thriving under Covid-19.
  2. With Covid-19 disruption, Apple has cut its magazine paid subscription commission from 30% down to 15% effective from 1st January 2021.
  3. We followed Apple and used automation technology to lower our prices from $249 down to a standard price of $69 per magazine issue.
  4. Test drive any of our free-to-read magazine samples LIVE on our Magazine Hub, and in the app stores.
  5. Introduce an innovation in 2021: Offer readers multiple apps to access your magazines – Apple apps, Android apps, Web apps & Hybrid-flipbooks-apps.


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