Media Blender Magazine App – Testimonials

Tim Claeys - Creative Director, Coretext

“Media Blender was the standout when Coretext sought out the services of an iPad application producer for our client publications. Their innovative and quality driven solutions exceeded the needs of our clients. The Media Blender platform felt intuitively tailored to the needs of the not-for-profit and member-based organisations we service. Their impeccable customer service makes them a definite first choice for all our customer magazine conversions to apps. I have no hesitation in recommending them for all projects in the future – be it small, medium and large – corporate or non-corporate.”

Inga Yandell - Chief Editor, Bare Essentials

“Creative partnerships are the key to innovating how we engage and educate audiences. In the quest to develop a unique resource accessible to all, Earth Endeavours sought out such a partnership with Media Blender. With their help Bare Essentials can now reach a wider audience, offering access via an app to explore new discoveries and different perspectives on nature, science and culture. Professional and flexible, the team at Media Blender are focused on innovating content delivery and supporting media producers like myself in providing greater accessibility and content value for our audiences.”

Chelsea Daniel - Business Development Manager, Prime Creative Media

“Prime Creative Media has been very pleased with the work that Media Blender has undertaken for us.
Media Blender has developed an iPad app for one of our Education titles – Whichschool Magazine.
The quality and function of the finished product not only looks fantastic, it is user-friendly and very cost effective.
Having an iPad app for Whichschool Magazine has allowed us to offer our schools a multi-platform package to communicate with prospective parents. We have found the staff at Media Blender to be extremely professional, and accommodating to our needs. We highly recommend their services. ”

Michelle Weston - Art Director (Global Trailer, Global Coffee Report and Whichschool Magazine), Prime Creative Media

“We have been using Media Blender for several of our magazines for the past two years. The finished product is not only visually appealing but also user-friendly and adds value to our magazines.”

Dennis Freeman - Head Of Marketing and Communications, Wesley College Melbourne

“Media Blender has developed an App for our tri-annual community magazine, Lion. They did this in an efficient, easy and cost-effective way and we have been very happy with the service they have provided the College.”
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