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Transform Your Print Magazine Into Native & Web Apps

Native App is no longer a mobile luxury. There are 2 types of technology used in the digital publishing market - Native and Web app. We’ll make both of them affordable to every publisher. 

Print still commands about 80% of today’s global magazine market in terms of title and circulation with the balance 20% in digital. Source - IBIS World Report. 

Magazine readership and circulation have declined in favor of digital content over the past 5 years. Market research shows that Web apps currently dominate the digital market - over 90%, with Native apps at fewer than 10%. However, Native apps outrun Web apps usage ten to one. Source - Bloomberg. 

Difference Between
Native App & Web App 

Apps are the future of publishing. So what is the technical difference?

Native App: A premium interactive app with full features & functionality, and distributed via the Apple and Google Play Store. Downloading is fast. Performance, functionality and user experience are superior. 

Web App: A low-cost mobile-optimized webpage that looks like an app. It is an internet-enabled app accessed via a URL-Web browser and bypasses the App Stores. It is a flipbook. 

Complement your print magazines with both platforms. We’ll distribute them via a multi-channel delivery system - the Web & the App Stores.

What Makes Media Blender Different?

We focus primarily on the B2B small and medium sized print magazine publishers. You have a small print-run per magazine edition that gets published quarterly or bi-monthly, and your publication gets distributed as part of a general, trade or community-free membership subscription (Free-to-read magazine). 

To increase your digital readership and circulation, we’ll make your transition from print to digital simple and cost-effective. 

Apple and Google offer free subscription magazine titles free-distribution into the App Stores. About 85% of apps from the Apple Store are distributed ‘free’ with 98% of Google Play Store. Source - 

Our Full-Service - Not a Do It Yourself (DIY) Platform

Our service is not a DIY Self-Publishing platform with digital publishing tools and a technical support team. We offer a low-cost, all-inclusive, one-price, full-service multi-platform solution (Native & Web apps), which includes production, hosting, and approval to the Apple and Google Play Stores. 

Simply supply us with your print ready PDF edition (contents, brand and graphics) and we’ll do the rest. Our production team will convert it into five (5) apps:

• 1 Web app: Complimentary free Web app from Media Blender (Available - 2nd quarter 2017) 
• 4 Native apps: 1 iPhone, 1 iPad, 1 Android tablet & 1 Android smartphone
• Total: 5 apps per magazine edition

View all your magazines as apps on multiple devices

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